1. Mobile Phones


Mobile phones today are indispensable in everyone's routine, with this, Open Box Mobile has the mission of bringing cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone. Mobile phones from the best and biggest brands in the world: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google, Honor, Oneplus among other brands at the lowest price guaranteed throughout mainland Portugal. Open Box Mobile sells used and refurbished mobile phones just like new, unlocked and free for all operators. All mobile phones have a rigorous technical screening process in order to make sure they are ready for sale. Open Box Mobile has a Cell Phone Repossession process in order to facilitate purchases, with the objective of purchasing the customer's current cell phone so that a voucher can be made available for the purchase of another cell phone or equipment, in store. Finally, Open Box Mobile has the “Lowest Price Guaranteed” program, where we guarantee and cover the prices of refurbished mobile phones and equipment from all over mainland Portugal, however, you must access the terms and conditions to consult our policy. Get to know our “Conscious Disposal” project, for which we receive old electronics in our stores to put them to the most correct use. In addition, potential repair equipment is repaired free of charge by Open Box Mobile in order to be donated to students and people who cannot afford to buy electronic equipment for work/study purposes. Your iPhone 6 purchase includes: Open Box Mobile case, lightning cable, 12W usb charger and sim card ejector pin. Now feel free to take a look at the full range of Apple cell phones, tablets, computers, laptops, used and refurbished accessories on our website, where we include a 12 month warranty. Also follow us on our social networks atInstagram e Facebook.