Terms and conditions


The terms and conditions detailed below determine exclusively the contractual relationships between the customer using the website www.openboxmobile.com, whose headquarters are located at Quinta do Lambert, Street Joaquim Agostinho, 16C CP 1750-126 Lisbon, registered under the name Blue4All with No. taxpayer number PT513783903.

  • I - General

    1. The terms and conditions detailed below are exclusively for online purchases (www.openboxmobile.com) or in one of our physical stores, whose headquarters are located at Quinta do Lambert, Street Joaquim Agostinho, 16C CP 1750-126 Lisbon, registered under the name Blue4All with No. taxpayer number PT513783903.

    2. The prices of new products available already include VAT and can be changed without prior notice. The prices of used or reconditioned products are taxed under the special tax regime for VAT – Second-hand goods. According to article 8 of Decree-Law No. 199/96, of October 18:

    2.1 The transfers of second-hand goods, art objects, collections or antiques, subject to the special margin taxation regime, are exempt from tax, when carried out under the terms of article 14 of the Value Tax Code Added;

    2.2 The exemption referred to in the previous number grants the right to deduct the tax that may have encumbered the acquisition of the respective goods and is expressed in the invoice or equivalent document.

    3. Open Box Mobile is not responsible for any errors in the prices published on the website and for the validity of the technical descriptions of the products, as well as the photographs.

    4. The photographs of the products presented are merely illustrative, so if the User wishes to have a more detailed perception of the aesthetic condition of the products, we invite you to go to one of the physical Open Box Mobile stores or schedule a video conference called Open Video, alike to more clearly analyze the products before making the purchase.

    5. The products that Open Box Mobile makes available for sale in physical stores and on the website may be new, used or refurbished equipment.

    6. The reconditioned equipment is mainly equipment that has been exposed in store, client returns, demonstration equipment, resuming or renewal of leasing contracts. Rebounded equipment is tested equipment, eventually repaired and certified by specialized and accredited technicians. This process involves restoring the equipment to the functional state in which it was when it was new, that is, to put the perfectly functional, restarted and clean equipment as it was when it was produced. The reconditioning equipment should be equally fast, reliable, have the same response and storage capacity and dispose of exactly the same features as if it had just been manufactured. In addition, at the battery level, we guarantee that the batteries are working, not specifying, however, a minimum percentage. Thus, to meet the expectations of our customers to have equipment reconditioned with new batteries, we have an associated service to have the equipment as they like. *For this service, you must contact the Technical Center to confirm the cost associated with this service depending on the brand's brand/model, regardless of the aesthetic grid.

    7. Regarding the reconditioned equipment, the category of them - A ++, A, B and C - which classifies the state of the outer elements of the equipment. The categories (grids) of the reconditioned equipment are used to classify the signs of use presented by them, and its price will be differentiated depending on its category (grid). OpenBox reconditioned equipment can fit the following categories:

    Grid A ++: Equipment that is in a practically new state. However, the equipment may have minor imperfections, such as almost imperceptible microorrisks that can only be seen at a certain angle and from a distance of less than 30 centimeters.

    Grid A: Equipment that is in an excellent state. However, the equipment may present slight touch marks perceptible to touch and vision.

    Grid B: Equipment that is in a satisfactory state. The equipment may have visible marks, some slightly more pronounced risks or small dents.

    Grid C: Equipment that is in an acceptable state. This equipment has visible signs of use, sharp risks and visible dents.

    Grid C is the lowest aesthetic level of OpenBox reconditioned equipment.

    8. The availability indicated in the items may change due to any problems that occur during the transport and delivery of an order or due to a momentary stockout, and the customer is informed of these changes.

    9. In the event that the item(s) desired by the Customer is (are) out of stock online, there is the possibility of registering to receive a notification via e-mail when the new availability of the same . To do this, follow these steps:

    9.1 On the page of the desired product select “Sold Out Online – Notify me”;

    9.2 Fill in the email you wish to be notified of;

    9.3 Click on “Confirm”.

    It should be noted that when an item is out of stock again, the email notification is sent to all contacts who have registered to receive it, with no prioritization in the shipment, nor the possibility of prior reservation.

    10. Promotional campaigns have limited stock and equipment belonging to the campaign may be unavailable without prior notice, without prejudice to information on the exhaustion of the article when this occurs.

    11. The data collected at the time of registration of the customer is intended exclusively for the processing of any order and respective invoice and will never be provided to third parties.

    12. All names, logos and trademarks presented on this website are the property of their respective owners.

    13. If the customer does not indicate the taxpayer number, name and address, an invoice will be issued with the taxpayer number 999999990 and in the name of 'Final Consumer'. If you want an invoice with your taxpayer number, all the information mentioned (TIN, name and address) must be filled in when registering. After the invoice is issued, we will not reissue it.

    14. All products sold on the Open Box Mobile website have exclusive prices and the collection of orders in a physical store is free.

    15. Certain products for sale in our physical stores may have different prices from those found in our online store. Customers who buy directly from our physical store have the advantages of the “Premium” service, such as: personalized service, after-sales service, replacement smartphone in case of breakdown (limited stock, confirm availability at the time), etc.

    16. Open Box Mobile reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions applicable at the time the order is placed.

    17. Discount Coupon offered by Open Box Mobile is not valid for purchases of accessories and promotional items.

  • II - Payment Methods

    OpenBox offers the following forms of payment to its customers:

    Reference ATM: Just go to the nearest multibanco or pay for homebanking, select the option 'Payment of Purchases/Services' and introduce the entity, reference and the amount sent by OpenBox.

    MB Way: Payment through your smartphone via MB Way application (this option requires a connection to an active internet network.

    Payment must be made within 3 days, after the order, reserving OpenBox in the right to cancel the order if the deadline is not met.

    In order to ensure effective processing of your order, we advise you to make payment as soon as possible.

    Payshop: You can pay at any establishment that has the payment modality Payshop (kiosks, gas stations, tobaccolaries, cafes, etc.).

    Credit Card: We accept the MasterCard, Visa and Union Pay credit cards. Payment by American Express is not available. At the end of the order, your card data will be requested in a fully secure environment. The debt will be made after confirmation of its order. We reserve the right to cancel any order whose validation of payment by this means raises questions or suspicions.

    Installments: OpenBox provides installments payments: Cofidis Pay (3x, 6x and 12x) exclusively for purchases in a physical store (Lisbon or Porto) I accept a total amount of the purchase of up to € 1,000.00. At the time of purchase it is necessary to collect customer data: mobile phone number, email contact and citizen card (OCR reading). In option 3x and 6x there is an additional charging for the administrative fee of 7.5% on the total amount of the purchase, and in the 12x option the administrative fee is 10% over the total value of the purchase. The administrative fee must be paid separately the purchase of the equipment. Questions related to interest interest on all purchase may vary according to each campaign. FLAA: Pay in 3 installments or pay in 4 installments, without credit card costs or debit with your partner Floa. FLAA BANK, an anonymous company (Société Anonyme), with the capital of € 72,297,200, registered in the Bordeaux commercial registration with number 434 130 423, based in Batimiment G7 - 71 Rue Lucien Faure in Boreaux (33300), France, offers payment solutions reserved for individuals (underageful people) resident in Portugal and holders of a Visa or Mastercard bank card with a shelf life corresponding to the duration of the reimbursement that allows you to pay your purchases of goods and/or Services, through “3x payment” or “4x payment”, without interest. Once you have completed your order, you should choose to pay using the intended payment method “3x payment” or “4x payment” by credit or debit card; It will then be redirected to the Floa Bank web page, where you can make your payment. Floa Bank reserves the right to accept or refuse the financing request; The customer may, within 14 days, cancel the payment request made. For more information click here. Note that if you request the payment of your order of goods and/or services using these payment methods, your personal data will be transmitted to FLAA BANK for the purpose of financing request, credit contract management and, if so , recovery. For more information click here. More information access our frequently asked questions here.

    Others: PayPal

    Conditions: The amount must be settled in full upon choice of above options.

  • III - Returns, Exchanges and Cancellations

    When the purchase has been made through the website with home delivery, you have a period of 14 days from the day on which you acquired physical possession of the product(s) (or the day on which a third party indicated by you acquired it) to terminate the contract concluded, without the need to indicate the reason, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of article 10 of Decree-Law no. 84/2021, of 18 October.

    You can proceed with the return as long as the item is in the same conditions in which it was received, in original packaging and accompanied by all the accessories that constitute it. You can do it in two ways:


    Go to an OpenBox physical store, presenting the invoice and corresponding transport guide and identification document (Citizen Card);

    Send an e-mail to info@openboxmobile.com describing the equipment anomaly as well as the invoice, in order to activate the Warranty. Our customer support department will contact you to inform you of the next steps in the Warranty opening process.

    Once this right has been exercised, all payments made to OpenBox will be refunded, with the Customer having to pay for the return of the product(s).

    OpenBox must proceed with the refund within 14 days from the date on which it was informed of the decision to terminate the contract, however, it may withhold such refund as long as the goods are not received or as long as the Customer does not provide proof of return of the article.

    The Customer must return the product(s) without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date of exercise of this right (i) by sending it to the address Rua Joaquim Agostinho 16C, Quinta do Lambert, 1750-126 Lisbon, Portugal or (ii) delivering it(s) in person at one of the physical OpenBox stores.


    Customers who make purchases at a physical store may exchange or return the equipment within 14 days, only and only if there is any anomaly with their equipment. After the 14 day period, the normal warranty process will follow - repair or replacement of the equipment. To do so, go to one of our physical stores.


    In case of return, the product(s) must be returned in its original and complete condition (including packaging, accessories, instruction manual, among others) and packaged in the same way as in the dispatch, without signs of misuse, without configured accounts, without screen lock and accompanied by the respective invoice.


    Without prejudice to other circumstances resulting from the law, the following contracts are excluded from the Right to Free Termination of the Contract, for the purposes of Decree-Law no.


    Supply of goods made according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized;

    Supply of goods which, by nature, cannot be resent or are liable to deteriorate;

    Supply of sealed goods that cannot be returned, for reasons of health protection or hygiene when opened after delivery.

    If, when delivering the order at home, the Customer identifies that the envelope and/or box containing the item is damaged, the Customer has the right to terminate the contract for transport damage, and must therefore refuse to receive the order and contact OpenBox within the next 24 hours.

    If you accept the order, you have 24 hours to communicate the status of the order to the email address info@openboxmobile.com, attaching photos of the envelope, box and product, if necessary. If communication exceeds 24 hours, OpenBox reserves the right not to be responsible for damage to the equipment.


    The return of the amount of the order and the respective transport charges will be refunded by bank transfer, to the NIB / IBAN provided by the Customer, when requesting the Right of Free Resolution.




    The Customer may cancel his order until the items are prepared, by sending an email to info@openboxmobile.com, weekdays, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.


    The return of the amount of the order and the respective transport charges will be refunded within 5 to 14 working days by bank transfer, to the NIB/IBAN provided by the Customer.


    Accessories – Exchanges and Returns


    New accessories have a warranty period of 3 years from the date of purchase. Corded earphones, skins and covers are considered personal items, therefore, for hygienic reasons, these items are not guaranteed. Used accessories, namely power cables, data transmission cables and chargers, have a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase. *all accessories with warranty entry will be evaluated by the responsible technicians and presentation of a technical report with the approval or not of the warranty entry.

  • IV - Warranty

    Every equipment has 3 years warranty from the delivery date (unless stated otherwise). There is the possibility of complementing the equipment acquisition with a warranty extension:

    • For 1 more year, totalizing 4 years of WARRANTY – 39€ (associated cost)
    • For 2 more years, totalizing 5 years of WARRANTY – 59€ (associated cost)

    **The warrant extension follows the same Terms and Conditions as the offered Warranty.

    The Open Box Mobile Warranty covers all and every type of technical problem in the equipment. The problem will be readily evaluated and due actions of repair/replacement will be taken, without costs for the customer.

    The Warranty will not be authorized if the Open Box Mobile responsible technician notices that the presented technical problem in the equipment is directly related to: technical intervention by the own customer or by third parties; damage from improper use; negligence; fall; liquid spills or any type of anomaly due to improper use.

    Any customer request for battery replacement due to wear and consequent decrease of its lifetime is not covered by the warranty. All and every electronic equipment has a lifetime and the natural wear is completely normal with its daily use. As the equipment gets old and its updates are no longer compatible with IOS or Android, Open Box Mobile is not obligated to do any kind of service related to software update in the equipment.

    Customers who have their warranty request accepted (only valid for smartphones), may request, with no associated cost, the loan of a smartphone during the period your device is with Open Box Mobile for repair through the warranty program. *There is a limited stock of devices for loan, so the customer should check their availability at the time of entry of the warranty request.

    Within the deadline, the customer may proceed with the Warranty activation in one of two ways:

    1. Go to an Open Box Mobile physical store, presenting the invoice and ID document;

    2. Send an e-mail to reparos@openboxmobile.com with an invoice copy attached and describing the equipment anomaly. The shipping costs of the package will be borne by Open Box Mobile through a CTT label generated by the responsible team. If the Warranty activation is not authorized for not being in accordance with the Warranty terms and conditions, there are two following options: Option 1 - the technical team will create a quote for the equipment repair, and after the customer's approval, the repair costs will be sole responsibility of the customer. A value of 12€ will also be charged due to the shipping costs for the equipment return to the customer. Option 2 - if the client does not authorize the repair quote, the equipment will be sent to the customer's address and will have a cost of 12€ due to the shipping costs, which will be sole responsibility of the customer.

  • V - Order Shipping

    The order will be shipped up to 2 work days after payment confirmation by the payment bank and financial bodies, according to the product availability, and an e-mail will be sent to the Customer with that information. When the package is in transportation, the Customer may have the possibility of checking the state of the order in real time using a tracking code provided. Such tracking should be done directly at the website of the partner carriers, so Open Box Mobile is not responsible for possible computer system errors or malfunctions from such partners. The Customer will be promptly informed and accompanied if there is a lack of stock or a delay with the order shipment.

    Under the provisions of Decree-Law No. 7/2004 of January 7 (with the alterations provided by Decree-Law No. 62/2009, of March 10 and by Law No. 46/2012, of August 29), Open Box Mobile reserves the right to unilaterally cancel possible orders, which final price is wrong or not updated or any time there is a programming error, malfunction of Open Box Mobile equipment, as well as if the contract proposal arrives wrong at its destination and the error relates to an essential element of the contract. The customer will be informed of it before the payment is made, but if the payment has already been made the customer will be refunded in full.

    Open Box Mobile reserves the right to cancel orders which payment has not been made up to 3 work days after the date they have been placed.

    For shipment outside the European Union, Customs may demand tax payment and those should be borne by the customer.

    When a package is returned to Open Box Mobile under the customer's responsibility, and they want the package to be sent to them again, the shipping costs of a new shipment will be applied.

    All packages will be delivered to the requested location, following these deadlines and prices:

    Continental Portugal

    • The shipping cost is free for orders of 69€ or more. If the order is under 69€ the shipping cost is 5€.
    • The delivery deadline is 48 hours (2 work days).

    Archipelago of Madeira and Azores

    • For the DHL Express modality, the shipping cost is 16€ and the deadline is 3 to 5 work days.
    • For the CTT Charged at Destination modality, the shipping cost is 15€ and the deadline is 3 to 15 work days.
    • For the CTT Expresso modality, the shipping cost is 10€ and the deadline is 3 to 15 work days.

    European Union

    • The shipping cost is free for orders of 69€ or more. If the order is under 69€ the shipping cost is 15€.
    • The deadline for delivery is 72 hours sent through the DHL Express carrier.

    Outside the European Union

    The deadlines and costs will be calculated at the shipping section during the order checkout.

    All orders will be processed after payment confirmation and upon product availability. These deadlines are indicative, referring to work days, and valid for everything except in exceptional cases such as incorrect addresses or force majeure reasons.

  • VI - Repairs

    All repair requests should be communicated and booked with the technical department through the e-mail suporte@openboxmobile.com or phone contact +351 210 121 394 or 961 034 126. The technical sector has a deadline of up to 5 work days to detect the device problem and present to the customer the actions that must be taken for its repair.

    The start of repair will only occur after the customer approves the quote through: personal visit or e-mail, SMS or whatsapp message.

    During the repair process, if any anomaly and/or problem is detected which was not detected by the technician during the evaluation period, the customer will be contacted and the repair sequence should only be concluded after the customer approves the new quote. Otherwise, the device will be returned to the customer as it was initially delivered without associated costs or prejudice for both parties.

    The value of the quotes has a deadline of 10 days after contacting the equipment owner. After 10 days, the value of the quote may be altered.

    The Customer has three months to pick up the equipment after being informed the repair has been concluded. After that deadline, a value of 10€ will be charged over the repair price.

    Quotes up to 20€ are repaired without previous notice.

    Every repair done by Open Box Mobile has a warranty of three months in the event of a technical problem with the device related to the intervention that was carried out, not as a consequence of improper use, only for the interventions carried out.

  • Extra Services

    Warranty Extension

    The possibility to complement a warranty extension with the equipment acquisition:

    • For 1 more year, totalizing 4 years of WARRANTY – 39€ (associated cost);
    • For 2 more years, totalizing 5 years of WARRANTY – 59€ (associated cost).

    The Warranty extension follows the same terms and conditions as the offered warranty.

    See Conditions.

    New Battery Pack

    With the New Battery Pack, you will be entitled to repair the battery replacement associated with the purchase of your new Refurbished iPhone.

    The natural wear and tear of the mobile phone battery causes it to be serviced, a service which is not guaranteed by the purchase of an iPhone Open Box Mobile. However, by purchasing the New Battery Pack, it will be possible to replace the cell phone battery and be sure of a device with New Autonomy.

    Advantages of joining the New Battery Pack:

    ✔️ Savings of up to 40% in an eventual exchange;
    ✔️ 3-month warranty on the service performed;
    ✔️ Autonomy of new equipment;
    ✔️ Standard battery.

    • There are isolated cases where batteries being exchanged may show a non-genuine battery message or a "-" symbol.
      The message and symbol may occur due to new IOS updates but do not interfere with battery life and equipment functionality.
  • Collective Buying

    Open Box Mobile's innovative strategy in the refurbished market, in which equipment is sold at a discount, when there are a certain number of interested parties in the product of the promotion.

    The equipment is only sold when the goal is reached, so it will generate shares and word-of-mouth communication between friends.

    The strategy aims to general sharing and buzz, through word of mouth on social networks, functioning as a pastime for consumers, a kind of hunt for rewards.

    How does it work?

    Open Box Mobile will create special offer groups with sales objectives and deadline, in which customers have the possibility to make purchases with aggressive discounts of up to 70%, but it is necessary to reach a minimum number of products sold to reach the discount goal.

    The customer makes the payment and automatically registers with the group, which includes a daily and exclusive communication channel about the goal to be achieved. The customer is only added after payment.
    The products will be delivered to all of Europe through open box mobile's partner carrier, or can be picked up in one of the physical stores (Lisbon or Porto).

    Target achieved

    If the goal is reached, the group has a period of 7 working days to claim your offer and the equipment will be sent to the address indicated or made available, preferably, for pick up in the physical store.

    The customer does not have the option to choose the color and battery status of the equipment, so if desired, can perform a battery upgrade at the time of purchase, because Open Box Mobile does not guarantee a minimum percentage of battery health.

    Goal not reached

    If the campaign doesn't reach the goal, the customer has 3 options:

    • You can automatically join the next group;
    • You can purchase the equipment in it, with a value hit. A lower discount would be offered than if the target had been met, but still lower than the market value.
    • If the customer has no interest in waiting for the next group or making the value hit for the purchase, can choose to receive a refund of the amount paid for registration in the group.

    The customer has 24 hours to choose one of the options described above, informing Open Box Mobile of their decision. If in 24 hours we do not receive a response, the customer enters the next campaign and has to wait for the end of the campaign to make a new decision.

    If you wish to withdraw before the goal is not finalized, it is necessary to take into account that the refund is made only by bank transfer, in which the customer must provide his IBAN in order for it to be done to the bank account. No refunds will be made for MBWay or cash. These are made ONLY by bank transfer or direct to credit card and paypal. The deadline for reimbursement of the amount in the case of target not reached is 24hours after the request and confirmation of IBAN, totaling a maximum of 2 days after expression of interest on the part of the customer in the refund.

    If the customer wants the value set to have the equipment even if the goal is not reached, it can be done only for the same product that initially competed, without color changes, storage and aesthetic grid.


    For color changes or grid upgrade and/or storage, you will be charged the amount of equipment outside of promotional campaign.

    *By participating in the campaign "COLLECTIVE PURCHASE" you will give the consent for your phone contact to be forwarded to a WhatsApp group, where you will receive all daily information about the equipment and status for the goal to be reached.
    Open Box Mobile uses technical and organizational measures to protect the security and confidentiality of Personal Data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

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