Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions detailed below determine exclusively the contractual relationships between the customer using the website www.openboxmobile.com, whose headquarters are located at Rua Lucinda Simões, 3A, Lisbon, 1900-304 registered under the name OBM Portugal Unipessoal Lda with No. taxpayer number 514846755.

  • I - General

    1. The prices available for new products already include VAT and can be changed without previous notice. On the other hand, the prices for used or refurbished products are taxed under the special tax regime for VAT – Second-hand goods. According to article 8 of Decree-Law No. 199/96, of October 18:

    1.1 The transfer of second-hand goods, art, collectible or antique objects, subject to the special marginal tax regime, are exempt from taxes, when performed under the provisions of article 14 from the Value Added Tax Code;

    1.2 The exempt mentioned in the previous number provides the right for deduction of tax that eventually burdened the acquisition of those goods and is expressed in the invoice or equivalent document.

    2. Open Box Mobile is not responsible for possible errors in the prices shown at the website and for the validity of the technical description of the products, as well as the images.

    3. The shown product images are merely illustrative, so if the User wants a more detailed perception of the aesthetic condition of the products, we invite you to go to one of the Open Box Mobile physical stores or book a videoconference called Open Video, so you can more clearly evaluate the products before purchasing.

    4. The products that Open Box Mobile provides for sale at the physical stores and the website may be new, used or refurbished equipment.

    5. Refurbished equipment is equipment created and packaged by the manufacturer for sale, but which, for some reason, was returned to the manufacturer (by a store, reseller or the own customer), after which they were prepared, sanitized, tested and rechecked by certified technicians so they could be sold again. The expression refurbished mobile phone, or refurbished smartphone, means that it is not a new product, even though it may or not have already been used. These devices may or may not have had a technical intervention, but are 100% functional, with the Open Box Mobile quality, safety and warranty seal.

    6. Our used or refurbished equipment is classified by grades (A, B and C). The grades classify the equipment according to the signs and marks of use. Because of this distinction, there is a difference in the equipment price according to its grade. The used or refurbished equipment

    Open Box Mobile has its relative descriptions:

    Grade A - The screen and body are in excellent conditions. If there are marks or scratches, they are minimal, imperceptible to the touch.

    Grade B - The screen and body are in excellent conditions. Slight signs of use. Few marks and minimal scratching, which will only be noticed if viewed carefully.

    Grade C - The screen and body are good. Heavy signs of use. There are visible scratches, stains and/or impacts.

    7. The product availability indicated may suffer alterations due to eventual problems occurred during the package transportation and delivery or due to a brief lack of stock, being the customer informed of these alterations.

    8. If the products wanted by the Customer are not in stock online, there is the possibility of registering to receive an e-mail notification when they are available again. To do that, you should follow these steps:

    8.1 At the product page select “Out of Stock Online – Notify”;

    8.2 Insert the e-mail where you want to receive the notification;

    8.3 Click “Confirm”.

    Note that, when we don't have a product and it comes in stock again, the e-mail notification is sent to all contacts that have registered to receive it, and there is not any priority when it is sent, or the possibility for previous reservation.

    9. The promotional campaigns have limited stock and the equipment from the campaign may become unavailable without previous notice, without prejudice of out of stock information of the product when that happens.

    10. The information collected at the time of the customer registration is intended exclusively for the processing of any order and respective invoice, and will never be provided to third parties.

    11. All the names, logos and trademarks presented in this website are property of their respective owners.

    12. If the customer does not indicate the VAT number, name and address, we will issue an invoice with the VAT number 999999990 and under the name of ‘Final customer’. If you wish an invoice with your VAT number, the mentioned information (VAT number, name and address) must be filled in during registration. After issue of the invoice we will not issue it again.

    13. All products sold at the Open Box Mobile website have exclusive prices and the order pick-up at the physical store is free.

    14. Some products for sale at our physical stores may have different prices from the ones at our online store. The customers who buy directly at our physical store have benefits from the “Premium” service, such as: personalized support, after sales service, replacement smartphone in case of malfunction (limited stock, check the availability at the time), etc.

    15. Open Box Mobile has the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without previous notice. The orders are subject to the terms and conditions applicable at the time the order is placed.

  • II - Payment Methods

    Open Box Mobile provides the following payment methods to its customers:

    Exclusive for Portugal:

    Charged at destination: Available for Continental Portugal without additional costs. For the Azores and Madeira islands there is an associated cost of 10€.

    ATM References: You just need to go to the closest ATM or do it by Homebanking, select the option ‘Payment for Purchases/Services’, and insert the entity, reference and amount sent by Open Box Mobile.

    The payment must be made after placing the order. If it is not made within 3 days after placing the order, Open Box Mobile has the right of cancelling the order.

    In order to ensure efficient processing of your order, we advise you to make the transfer as soon as possible.

    Payshop: You can pay at any establishment with the payment method Payshop (Kiosks, Gas stations, Tobacco shops, Cafes… )


    Credit Card: We accept Mastercard, Visa and Union Pay credit cards. Payment with American Express is not available. At the end of the order you will be asked your card information in a totally safe environment. The debit is done after confirmation of your order. We reserve the right to cancel any order in which payment validaton through this method gives rise to doubts or reservations.

    Utrust: (Cryptocurrency)

    Pay Pal


    Payment conditions

    Prompt payment: the amount must be paid in full by choosing one of the payment methods mentioned above.

    Installments: Open Box Mobile provides the option of payment in installments exclusively for purchases at the website www.openboxmbile.com through the payment platform Split it. Issues related to added interest to the total purchase may vary according to each campaign.

  • III - Returns and Exchanges

    According to Decree Law No. 24/2014 of February 14, the customer has the right to end the contract within a maximum of 14 calendar days after receiving the package, but Open Box Mobile has a guaranteed satisfaction program, providing an extended deadline of up to 30 days, so if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it and we will refund you.

    To proceed with the return and/or exchange of the equipment, you have a maximum of 30 days, as long as it remains in the same conditions as when you received it. You must also indicate the reason for the insatisfaction so it can be validated.

    Within the deadline, the customer may proceed with the return or exchange in one of two ways:

    1. Go to an Open Box Mobile physical store, presenting the invoice and ID document;

    2. Send an e-mail to info@openboxmobile.com with an invoice copy attached. The shipping costs for the package return will always be borne in full by the customer. The package must be sent exactly as received and with all documentation delivered with the package and all its content should be sent to the following address: A/C Open Box Mobile – Rua Lucinda Simões, 3A 1900-304 Lisboa.

    3. The deadline for exchange and return is valid from the date of the first purchase.

    If everything is in order a refund will be made only for the paid amound. The refund is made through bank transfer, within 5 days after the return has been accepted.

    The return of products with damaged equipment will not be accepted.

    If the returned equipment is not in accordance with the previously informed state in this return point, the right for return/refund will no longer exist and everything will be returned to the place of purchase (buyer).

    Accessories – exchanges and returns

    The compatible accessories (cable, charger and SIM card ejector pin) offered with your equipment are not elligible for exchange or return. Original accessories are available for sale and are covered by exchange or return (30 days from the purchase date). The customer may choose to buy original accessories instead of getting the offer of compatible accessories, and in this case the compatible accessories will not be offered and a discount will be applied for the sale of original accessories to the customer.

    Headphones, screen protectors and cases are considered personal items, so, for hygienic reasons, these items are not covered for exchange and return.

  • IV - Warranty

    Every equipment has 1 year warranty from the delivery date (unless stated otherwise). There is the possibility of complementing the equipment acquisition with a warranty extension:

    • For 1 more year, totalizing 2 years of WARRANTY – 39€ (associated cost)
    • For 2 more years, totalizing 3 years of WARRANTY – 59€ (associated cost)

    **The warrant extension follows the same Terms and Conditions as the offered Warranty.

    The Open Box Mobile Warranty covers all and every type of technical problem in the equipment. The problem will be readily evaluated and due actions of repair/replacement will be taken, without costs for the customer.

    The Warranty will not be authorized if the Open Box Mobile responsible technician notices that the presented technical problem in the equipment is directly related to: technical intervention by the own customer or by third parties; damage from improper use; negligence; fall; liquid spills or any type of anomaly due to improper use.

    Any customer request for battery replacement due to wear and consequent decrease of its lifetime is not covered by the warranty. All and every electronic equipment has a lifetime and the natural wear is completely normal with its daily use. As the equipment gets old and its updates are no longer compatible with IOS or Android, Open Box Mobile is not obligated to do any kind of service related to software update in the equipment.

    Customers who have their warranty request accepted (only valid for smartphones), may request, with no associated cost, the loan of a smartphone during the period your device is with Open Box Mobile for repair through the warranty program. *There is a limited stock of devices for loan, so the customer should check their availability at the time of entry of the warranty request.

    Within the deadline, the customer may proceed with the Warranty activation in one of two ways:

    1. Go to an Open Box Mobile physical store, presenting the invoice and ID document;

    2. Send an e-mail to reparos@openboxmobile.com with an invoice copy attached and describing the equipment anomaly. The shipping costs of the package will be borne by Open Box Mobile through a CTT label generated by the responsible team. If the Warranty activation is not authorized for not being in accordance with the Warranty terms and conditions, there are two following options: Option 1 - the technical team will create a quote for the equipment repair, and after the customer's approval, the repair costs will be sole responsibility of the customer. A value of 12€ will also be charged due to the shipping costs for the equipment return to the customer. Option 2 - if the client does not authorize the repair quote, the equipment will be sent to the customer's address and will have a cost of 12€ due to the shipping costs, which will be sole responsibility of the customer.

  • V - Order Shipping

    The order will be shipped up to 2 work days after payment confirmation by the payment bank and financial bodies, according to the product availability, and an e-mail will be sent to the Customer with that information. When the package is in transportation, the Customer may have the possibility of checking the state of the order in real time using a tracking code provided. Such tracking should be done directly at the website of the partner carriers, so Open Box Mobile is not responsible for possible computer system errors or malfunctions from such partners. The Customer will be promptly informed and accompanied if there is a lack of stock or a delay with the order shipment.

    Under the provisions of Decree-Law No. 7/2004 of January 7 (with the alterations provided by Decree-Law No. 62/2009, of March 10 and by Law No. 46/2012, of August 29), Open Box Mobile reserves the right to unilaterally cancel possible orders, which final price is wrong or not updated or any time there is a programming error, malfunction of Open Box Mobile equipment, as well as if the contract proposal arrives wrong at its destination and the error relates to an essential element of the contract. The customer will be informed of it before the payment is made, but if the payment has already been made the customer will be refunded in full.

    Open Box Mobile reserves the right to cancel orders which payment has not been made up to 3 work days after the date they have been placed.

    For shipment outside the European Union, Customs may demand tax payment and those should be borne by the customer.

    When a package is returned to Open Box Mobile under the customer's responsibility, and they want the package to be sent to them again, the shipping costs of a new shipment will be applied.

    All packages will be delivered to the requested location, following these deadlines and prices:

      • Continental Portugal

    The shipping cost is free for orders of 69€ or more. If the order is under 69€ the shipping cost is 5€.

    The delivery deadline is 48 hours (2 work days).

      • Archipelago of Madeira and Azores

    For the DHL Express modality, the shipping cost is 16€ and the deadline is 3 to 5 work days.

    For the CTT Charged at Destination modality, the shipping cost is 15€ and the deadline is 3 to 15 work days.

    For the CTT Expresso modality, the shipping cost is 10€ and the deadline is 3 to 15 work days.

      • European Union

    The shipping cost is free for orders of 69€ or more. If the order is under 69€ the shipping cost is 15€.

    The deadline for delivery is 72 hours sent through the DHL Express carrier.

      • Outside the European Union

    The deadlines and costs will be calculated at the shipping section during the order checkout.

    All orders will be processed after payment confirmation and upon product availability. These deadlines are indicative, referring to work days, and valid for everything except in exceptional cases such as incorrect addresses or force majeure reasons.

  • VI - Repairs

    All repair requests should be communicated and booked with the technical department through the e-mail suporte@openboxmobile.com or phone contact +351 210 121 394 or 961 034 126. The technical sector has a deadline of up to 5 work days to detect the device problem and present to the customer the actions that must be taken for its repair.

    The start of repair will only occur after the customer approves the quote through: personal visit or e-mail, SMS or whatsapp message.

    During the repair process, if any anomaly and/or problem is detected which was not detected by the technician during the evaluation period, the customer will be contacted and the repair sequence should only be concluded after the customer approves the new quote. Otherwise, the device will be returned to the customer as it was initially delivered without associated costs or prejudice for both parties.

    The value of the quotes has a deadline of 10 days after contacting the equipment owner. After 10 days, the value of the quote may be altered.

    The Customer has three months to pick up the equipment after being informed the repair has been concluded. After that deadline, a value of 10€ will be charged over the repair price.

    Quotes up to 20€ are repaired without previous notice.

    Every repair done by Open Box Mobile has a warranty of three months in the event of a technical problem with the device related to the intervention that was carried out, not as a consequence of improper use, only for the interventions carried out.

  • Lowest Price Guaranteed

    Specialized in sales and repairs of used and refurbished electronic equipment, top of the line, we have the mission and compromise with our customers to bring the best to everyone, and besides that, we make cutting edge technology accessible to everyone with the “Lowest Price Guaranteed” campaign, if you choose our store when purchasing your new refurbished

    Did you find an equipment with a lower price than Open Box Mobile?

    Open Box Mobile guarantees the lowest price in the market, as long as the terms of our policy are being followed, you will have the right for the lowest price in the market with an additional bonus of 15€ in accessories.

    Included: Equipment, services and repairs with prices listed lower at competing stores and that follow the campaign pattern.

    Now what is needed to join the Campaign?

    Used and Refurbished Product

    - So that the comparison is valid, the product with the lowest price presented at the competing store must be used and/or refurbished. New/sealed equipment stores are not included in this campaign.

      On-site and Portuguese Company

    -We need that the presented value is from a company that has a physical store, with address in Continental Portugal.

     Product Stock

    -The competing store stock must be available.

     Aesthetic and storage conditions

    -The equipment with the lowest presented price must have the same aesthetic grade and the same technical specification, as well as, the same 1 year warranty conditions.

    Present a document with proof of price and stock from the competing brand

    -In order to validate the lowest price, you will need to present the competing brand campaign, where our collaborators validate the campaign and stock availability of the product/service.

    Campaign valid only for the purchase of one unit

    -This campaign is only valid and applied for one unit of each product in the same condition.

    How can I use the bonus of 15€?

    -At the time of purchase at our store with the lowest guaranteed price, you will have the right of a 15€ voucher for accessories that you can use for the accessory you want.

    How should I proceed?

    -You must have all the necessary information presented in our policy and go to an Open Box Mobile Store, or, alternatively, call the Customer support line so you can go ahead with your purchase 210 121 394.

    Do not apply to the “Lowest Price Guaranteed” campaign

    - Companies that are only online in marketplaces (Olx, CustoJusto, KuantoKusta, Facebook MarketPlace, Ebay, Amazon among others)

  • Extra Services

    Warranty Extension

    The possibility to complement a warranty extension with the equipment acquisition:
    • For 1 more year, totalizing 2 years of WARRANTY – 39€ (associated cost);
    • For 2 more years, totalizing 3 years of WARRANTY – 59€ (associated cost).

    The Warranty extension follows the same terms and conditions as the offered warranty.

    See Conditions.

    Battery Maintenance Pack

    The Battery Maintenance Pack will give you the right of battery repair during its replacement when in assistance, if it is not working correctly.
    The natural wear of the mobile phone battery makes it go under assistance, a service which is not covered by the warranty offered at Open Box Mobile. However, when acquiring the Battery Maintenance Pack, it will be possible to replace the mobile phone battery.

    Battery replacement will not be accepted when:

    • Oxidation in the charger connector is detected;
    • Battery is over 76% (without requesting assistance);
    • Damage by fall/impact is detected;


    For equipment acquired with the CELSIDE Insurance, it will only be valid after contact by the team and signing of the contract.
    Insurance product commercialized by the insurance company AXERIA IARD and distributed by SFAM as an insurance mediator under the brand CELSIDE Insurance.

    More information on the insurance company and mediator available here.