All equipment is guaranteed for up to 3 years from the date of delivery (unless otherwise stated). There is the possibility of complementing with the purchase of the equipment, an extension of warranty:

  • for 1 more year, totaling 4 years of WARRANTY 39 (associated cost);
  • for another 2 years, totaling 5 years WARRANTY 59 (associated cost).

The warranty extension follows the same Terms and Conditions of the offered Warranty.

The Open Box Mobile Warranty covers all and every kind of technical problem in the equipment. The problem will be readily evaluated and due actions will be taken to repair/replace it, without any cost for the customer.

The Warranty will not be authorized if the responsible technician from Open Box Mobile considers that the presented technical problem in the equipment is directly related to: technical intervention by the own customer or a third party; damage due to inappropriate use; negligence; fall; liquid spill or any kind of anomaly derived from inappropriate use.

An eventual request by the customer for battery replacement due to wear and consequent decrease of its lifetime is not covered by the warranty. All and every electronic equipment has a lifetime and natural wear is totally normal during its daily use. As the equipment gets old and its updates do not comply with IOS or Android, Open Box Mobile is not forced to perform any kind of service related to software update in the equipment.

Customers with an accepted warranty request (only valid for smartphones), may request the loan of a smartphone without associated costs in the period during which their device is with Open Box Mobile for repair through the warranty program. *There is a limited stock of devices to loan, so the customer must check their availability at the time of the warranty request entry.

Within the deadline, the customer may proceed with the Warranty activation in one of two ways:

1. Go to a physical Open Box Mobile store, with the invoice and ID document;

    2. Send an email to reparos@openboxmobile.com with an invoice copy attached and a description of the equipment problem. The package shipping costs are borne by Open Box Mobile through a label created by the responsible team. In case the warranty is not authorized for not meeting the Warranty terms and conditions, there are two following options: Option 1 - the technical team will prepare a quote for the equipment repair, and after the customer's approval, the repair costs will be totally borne by the customer. The amount of 12 will also be charged for the shipping cost of the equipment return to the customer. Option 2 - if the customer does not authorize the repair quote, the equipment will be sent to the customer's address and will have a cost of 12 for the shipping cost, totally borne by the customer.