Mobile phone grade

With regard to refurbished equipment, account should be taken of their category - A++, A, B and C - which classifies the state of the equipment's external elements. The categories (grades) of refurbished equipment are used to classify the signs of use shown by them, and their price will be differentiated according to their category (grade). Grade C is the lowest aesthetic level of OpenBox refurbished equipment.

OpenBox refurbished equipment can fall into the following categories:

  • Like new - Grade A++

    Equipment that is in a practically new state. However, the equipment may have minor imperfections, such as almost imperceptible microorrisks that can only be seen at a certain angle and from a distance of less than 30 centimeters.

  • Very good - Grade A

    Equipment that is in an excellent state. However, the equipment may present slight touch marks perceptible to touch and vision.

  • Good - Grade B

    Equipment that is in a satisfactory state. The equipment may have visible marks, some slightly more pronounced risks or small dents.

  • Reasonable- Grade C

    Equipment that is in an acceptable state. This equipment has visible signs of use, sharp risks and visible dents.