How to extend smartphone charger life

07 July 2022

How to extend smartphone charger life

How to extend smartphone charger life

How to increase the life of your smartphone charger

We don't live without a smartphone, and our device doesn't live without a battery and a good charger. We have prepared this article to learn how to increase the life of your charger, and consequently the health of the battery and the device itself.
Contrary to thought, the use of an unofficial brand charger will not damage the battery. What will spoil it is the use of low quality "sly" chargers.

The cheap comes out expensive

In this case, the cheap comes out even expensive, because these chargers are not manufactured according to industry standards, and do not respect the technological standards of a branded charger, for example, with the use of cables, wires and qualitycomponents.

These charging devices with no minimum quality standards not only damage your smartphone's battery, they can cause electric shock and fire, so we recommend that you stay away from them.

Tips for increasing charger life

An essential item such as a charger, which has use and supports daily travel, needs basic care in order to prevent damage to the cable and wire, to avoid poor contacts and time-consuming and ineffective loads. Read on to learn how to increase charger life.

1 - Accommodate the cable and charger well
If you are one of those who takes the charger everywhere, you should put it in the right shape by winding the wire without too much tightening. Avoid placing it in the backpack or bag with the wire unrolled and anyway, to avoid damage to the wire and cable. If the backpack or bag has rooms suitable for cables and chargers, use them.
Even if you don't leave the charger at home or in the office, always turn it off the chain and wind the cord.
We also recommend that you do not stretch or bend the wire too much during charging, a bad habit that happens with sockets behind the bed or furniture.

2 - Unplug the charger when not in use
Who has never left a charger on at the end of the charge that shoots the first stone. Almost all of us have this bad habit, which greatly reduces the life of the porters.

These accessories are designed to be connected only during charging, and not to carry the "empty".
Leaving a charger too long on not only wears out and overheats the internal circuit, but can subject the accessory to surges and cause permanent damage. It does like us here at Open Box Mobile and always turns off the chargers when they are not in use.

3 - Use only compatible powers
It is common to ask friends or family, "do you have a charger that empowers me?", forgetting that the power between charger and battery must have equivalent powers.
Always check the charger's small letters and check if the power is compatible to avoid overheating and damage, either to the charger or to the device battery.
If you are buying a new charger, also check to see if the voltage is equivalent.

4 - Check the temperature of the charger
It is normal for chargers to heat up during charging, but if the heating is too much, and there is a slight burning smell, or if charging takes longer than normal, it is a sign that the charger is not of quality, that there is some internal damage to the charger, or that the electrical installation of the site is doubtful.
If you smell burning or an unusual temperature, unplug the charger immediately and do not use it again to prevent damage to your phone's battery, electric shock and even fire.

5 - Avoid moisture and dust
Like any electronic component, chargers are not manufactured to withstand any type of moisture, liquids or dust. Avoid charging your smartphone in the kitchen and bathroom, places where there is condensation and water drippings, which make your charger "give the last".
The same applies on the beach or in campsites, places where the slightest dust can mean small damage, but that in the long run make a difference in the effectiveness of a shipment, who does not like a fast and efficient loading?

Do you need a charger? Open Box Mobile's follow industry standards and let you charge your device quickly and smoothly.

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